Isla Aukate


Uru (right) imprisoning Shard Loren (left) after stumbling upon his lair

The creator’s original plan for the islands was to leave a dragon in charge of every island as a caretaker and overseer.  Uru was going to be the dragon of Aukate but had greater plans.  At first he tried to be quietly manipulative, trying to curry the favor of the creator and learning as much magic as he could.

When Uru made his move he was unprepared for the fact that the Creator had protocols engaged in case one of his creations turned on him.  Uru had cast a spell to lock the creator in crystal, and with his last breath before he was fully encased he cursed Uru to be trapped forever in his cavern with a shield that would strangle and kill the dragon if he tried to escape.

Despite being trapped, Uru still has power and slowly works to reestablish his power on Aukate.  He befriended governor Rex with the hopes of using her to whittle his prison down from the outside, but Overlord Fox’s appearance and rebuke of him shattered much of what he built up.  Still, he has one of the greatest underground networks on the islands and much of his power.  His failure stings and after having his freedom ripped away he has begun taking more risks, but only time will tell if those risks pay off.