Isla Aukate
Mark M'Rega (right) evading the wrath of Richard Titan (left)
Mark M'Rega (right) evading the wrath of Richard Titan (left)

Titanium was born in full highblood culture, being raised and groomed to see himself as the perfection of society. And yet all of his life he bore a burning hatred for people who seemed to have things better than him despite being told constantly that he was the best at everything. Even for a highblood Titan was exceptionally strong and chose to prove himself with the colonies by taking over a planet.

When he was assigned his crew he took an instant dislike to Darius Steele as the man seemed to have a natural ease and charisma with his men that Titan never knew. He resented Silver for being such a physical weakling despite all of the accolades touting his strength as an empath and viability as a mate, and wanted to prove to everyone how weak Silver truly was by constantly making him feel the pain of the people around him. If anyone on his ship excelled him in intelligence or skill, Titan made sure they knew that he was still the strongest and held their lives in his massive hands. Everyone on the ship quickly learned to fear Titan and give him a wide berth as often as possible.

It was when the ship was about to land that things changed permanently for Titan and his crew. He received a message from homeworld ordering them to turn around and go back. Titan erased the message and then purposely crashed the ship to guarantee they would never return. While he was unconscious from the crash Darius Steele attempted to kill him, and the rivalry between the two took a dangerous turn. Titan awoke to see Darius holding a knife and attacked him, breaking Darius’ femur in the process and forcing the man to walk with a cane. After that Titan made it clear that if Steele crossed him again he would not only kill him but kill everyone Steele had tried so hard to protect… including his adopted daughter.

When Steele escaped with Silver, Titan called for the death of him and everyone who helped him. The other members of his crew were either too terrified to leave out of fear of their lives or slipped out quietly when they saw an opportunity for the same reason. This only fueled Titan’s rage all the more. Not only because so many had defied him but also because he refused to believe that anybody could escape his grasp.

Titan’s original mission of world domination is all but lost to him, and now his only goal is to seek revenge on Darius and the members of his crew that defected and joined the Overlord.