Isla Aukate


Terry (left) allowing Frozen (right) into the club.

Terry has almost always been seen with Harvey. When one is a rogue fire demon there are often many members of the clan trying to pull you back in or seek revenge for straying. The ones who have gone after Harvey often leave with broken bones, burns, and (if they’re part of the Torn clan) their antlers snapped off. Terry has been with Harvey for so long that they are often easily overlooked, but if you cause trouble, Terry loves reminding you.

Wherever Harvey goes, so goes Terry. Like a loyal butler who relights his ‘cigarettes' when he spontaneously explodes them in his moments of anger, to a bodyguard when someone starts to cause trouble. It is even rumored that Terry lives with Harvey and prepares his meals, cleans his home, and privately advises him on certain matters regarding the club.

Perhaps Terry is the real power of the Red Velvet. One never knows.