Isla Aukate
Garret Silver (left) and Shawn Foraker (right) investigating a new compound
Garret Silver (left) and Shawn Foraker (right) investigating a new compound

On Alvarni, the Darnathi homeworld, nothing is more important than genetics. People who excel at things or are particularly gifted in some way are heavily encouraged to donate to the gene bank. And from the gene bank many children are created, most of whom have no idea who their parents are. These children are often genetic experiments, some successful and some failed. And it is considered a great deed for someone to choose to adopt one and raise it. Often times the gene bank will even pay stipends to help as a reward.

One of those children was Silver, an amazingly gifted empath. Although his body was weak, his mind’s full potential is still unknown. He was raised by a sterilized maternal named Ammolite who, although making sure all his needs were met, was often cold and frustrated with the young child. His empathy was undisciplined and out of control for most of his childhood and his health was fragile with Silver getting sick easily.

When he was about to enter military medical school he became deathly ill. His adopted mother forced him to use her energy to heal himself, but his need was great enough that he took too much and almost killed her. Silver survived but his mother spent weeks in medical care recovering. When she was finally released Silver received word that Ammolite had disowned him for ‘his’ mistake and as a final way of washing her hands of him she paid for the remainder of his college classes. In truth it was a method of her trying to cover her mistake of almost being responsible for the death of a powerful empath, an action that carries strict and heavy punishment on Alvarni ‐ but all Silver knew was that his mother never wanted to see or speak to him again.

When they crashed on earth Silver began to bond with a local named Hector, even purposely using him as a guide for his own prototyping in the hopes that it would make him more attractive to the elf. It was a rare distraction from Titan purposely trying to push him to have an empathic break by forcing him to feel the emotions of the wounded and dying in their battles against the natives.

It was a small blessed relief when Darius managed a truce, but then Titan used Silver to manufacture biological weapons and tricked him into administering a dose to Darius. Titan attacked Silver for helping Darius escape, but with the only person on the ship he cared about gone, Silver also slipped away and went to try and correct his mistake while he still could.