Isla Aukate
Sagitar Tellistral (left) locking up and planning some new "interrogation" technique for T. L. Dragon (right)
Sagitar Tellistral (left) locking up and planning some new "interrogation" technique for T. L. Dragon (right)

Born under the name Tennantite, Sagitar started life as a commonblood darnathi that was born sterilized. Lacking the natural empathy darnathi have she was ruthless and manipulative at a very young age. Most Darnathi born without empathic ability still live normal lives, but Sagitar reveled in her ability to avoid many of the natural mental consequences a Darnathi suffers when they hurt someone. She learned early on that doing too much would draw attention, but there were always ‘accidents’ around her. When she attended the academy she was eager to play the role of the spy, showing a natural knack of being a social chameleon and integrating herself into new situations quickly. Once she graduated she became part of the initiative to colonize earth.

Sagitar was part of the advance infiltration unit sent all over the world to learn about earth’s governments and begin to seed people into important places. Sagitar ended up on Aukate and after getting over the initial shock of how different it was from the rest of the planet, she began to settle herself. She made contact with a dancer named Razzle Berry and in exchange for a good sum of gold was allowed to use Razzle’s genetic material to prototype herself and set herself up with a fake identity and background as a distant relative of Razz’s.

While dancing she perfected the art of manipulation and during a recruitment run for Fox, she fed the young Overlord a long string of bad luck stories and eventually quit Harvey’s club and joined the Overlord’s minions. She slowly worked her way into a job where she had access to many of the Overlord’s secrets and could perfect her art of manipulation and reconnaissance.

Somewhere along the way, Sagitar’s interest in world domination in the name of Darnathi waned and a desire to simply take over Aukate by herself grew within her. Complaints began to trickle in regarding her methods in the holding cells, but every investigation came up clean and she made a point of acting like the wounded party every time Fox would try and have a heart to heart with her. People would complain to Fox that Sagitar was a sadist, and every time Sagitar would cry her crocodile tears and proclaim that she was doing her best to help and plead to Fox to give her a chance.

The end result was that Fox inadvertently had a monster in her dungeon, and everyone who was sent there knew that nothing they could say or do would spare them from the torture that would soon come down on them the moment they entered.