Isla Aukate


An eager student Grenka (Right) greeting Rubeus (left)

Rubeus, despite not being a full blood phoenix, was still an extremely skilled fire mage back in the day when magic was easier to use and play with on Aukate. It was Rubeus who also realized that the magic was growing more powerful and unstable, especially without the creator to keep it in check. And it was Rubeus who developed a means of regulating the power by creating stones and instilling within each of them a living guardian to help control the wild magic threatening to rip the islands apart. His first experiment was on a volunteer, a sparrow named Diete who was merged with a rose quartz and who became the avatar of the heartstone. His experiment was a success and gave him hope.

Little did he know that when he presented his findings and his means of saving the islands to his fellow mages, that they would use him as a conduit for his solution. He and several other powerful elemental mages were tricked or trapped and forced into stones, their living bodies destroyed and only their souls remaining in the magical gems. He found it insult to injury that he was placed in a ruby, the stone bearing the nickname he hated so much.

His only solace was that his lover was also placed in a stone, a mermaid that was sealed within the waterstone and thus trapped with him. He can sense her along with the other stones at all times, and it is only that feeling that keeps him from going insane like some of the others similarly trapped have long since done.