Isla Aukate


T. L. Dragon (right) recieving a blessing from Rose (left)

Rose is unusual in that her feather color is pink, and despite being the leader of the empathy elementals, she is not an elemental herself.  Rose is considered the mascot for the capital city on February, so much so that when election time comes up, Mayor D.K. Romanoren makes a point of stuffing her in a hotel room under guard to make sure she can’t influence his re-election.

Despite the fact that the mayor does this to her, she still has a close relationship with his family, even helping to raise and educate his son, Aileeron.  A side effect of her influence over Aileeron is his accent.  She had hoped to instill a loving heart within the boy so that the islands would know a better life, but Aileeron desperately wanted to please his father and adopted many of his cruel ways even though he felt a pang of guilt whenever he hurt someone.

When not educating children or being locked up in luxury hotel rooms, Rose oversees the festival of love where many people on the islands choose to come to the island to either propose to their significant others or get married.  She tries to give as many blessing to happy couples as she can, and when she is not overseeing the festival she is often sequestered away administering to her own clan and advising them.  The empathy elementals are known for healing the mentally scarred and bringing peace and are one of the few clans of elementals people are hesitant to refer to as ‘demons’.