Isla Aukate


Gintasa (left) giving Rook (right) a ride through a field

Rook serves the Pitch aerie but is stationed on Aukate for a great deal of work.  He was befriended by Ace after the delivery Chimenticore noticed that Pitch didn’t have many friends on Aukate and the two often were seen together after that.

Of course one of the reasons why most Chimenticores are hesitant to befriend Rook is the fact that everyone assumes he’s a spy or some sort of nefarious agent for Pitch and their dark dealings despite the fact that Rook is very shy, mild, and even a bit clumsy.  But the mere stigma of being a member of Pitch is enough to make the average Chimenticore keep their distance.

One thing Rook has taken a liking to is helping Rain with her flying lessons.  While Ace is a remarkable teacher, Rook knows how to handle more emergency situations like how to handle high winds or heavy rain and how to land safely with a wing disabled.  Darius finds these training sessions to be terrifying and usually needs a drink and a long sitdown by the time they’re done.