Isla Aukate
Kuroda Umeko (right) taking notes on a discussion with Governor Rex (left)
Kuroda Umeko (right) taking notes on a discussion with Governor Rex (left)

Rex had a difficult job handed to her when she replaced her aunt, Queen, as governor of Aukate. Already the islands were restless and turmoil was growing thanks to a hurricane that had heavily damaged the islands and growing tension over the war that was happening in the world outside. Rex had managed to quell some of it by building the ports and doing trade work, but the island was buying more than it was selling and little by little the economy was suffering.

For some reason, Rex was positive everything was going to be alright. In her later years she even swore that someone promised her that the islands were going to enter a golden age of prosperity soon enough. These words fell to deaf ears as the people of Aukate began to struggle to feed their families as the native currency meant less and less. Crime began to grow and education began to falter.

She was a staunch environmentalist and refused to allow machines and items that would pollute the islands to be built, and was the one who struck the deal with the chimenticores that made sure no car or land vehicle would see use unless heavily regulated. But she also saw education and industry failing and put every last resource she had into trying to solve this problem.

Rex wanted everyone on the islands to have access to education and information. After much thought she decided the best way to do this would be to make cheap and easy to obtain computers for all the residents of the islands. Thus, the tablet project was born. Under her rule the first of the RexOS tablets were created, and alongside them the RexNET that linked the islands and the tablets together. Since they were designed from the ground up using the world’s computers only as a base they are not compatible with outside tech and are truly unique. Rex wanted every person on her islands to have access to this technology and after years of development and work (and a quiet financial boost from Hector Fen) her dream became a reality. The tablets brought education to even the most remote parts of Aukate and brought in new jobs. And the newly developed technology gave the islands new things to trade to the outside world that helped the floundering economy as well.

A year before her death, Rex declared that the islands should rule themselves and went into near seclusion soon after. It caused the economy to flag once more -- and after her death and her edict of dissolution took hold it began to show signs of collapse. Thankfully, a Fox showed up on the political scene and promised the golden age Rex predicted if she was elected. And soon enough, Overlord Fox took up Rex’s mantle.