Isla Aukate
Tielle (back right) greeting Rei (front left).
Tielle (back right) greeting Rei (front left).

Rei never felt close to her father. She watched as he puffed and primped for public image and demanded she never do anything that might humiliate him or his image. It made her hate him and everything his office stood for. She had a quiet little rebellious streak and that was probably what led to her eventually running and fleeing her home. You see, Rei rebelled in the worst way imaginable to her father… she fell in love with a normally colored lion instead of the man her father had hand picked for her.

Her father was enraged when he heard the news and did what any lion of his station would have done… he had Rei’s lover killed. DK assumed that with him dead Rai would return to the fold like a good little cub. Instead Rei fled the island of February and kept running for the next ten years. You see, Rei was pregnant.

She named her son Ali’l, the Polynesian word for royalty, and traveled from place to place with him as he grew. She explained that they were being hunted and that a bad man had done a bad thing to his father, so they had to hide. Ali’i never quite understood why people were after them when he didn;t do anything wrong, but he never doubted his mother.

Eventually Rei went to the Overlord and begged for sanctuary on Aukate. It was granted and she was even given a job and a secure room at the lair. Best of all, she had been reunited with her brother, Aileeron, who had been led to believe she had run away out of spite.

Unfortunately Rei died when Uru and his mind controlled army attacked anything that moved. She had safely hidden her son away, and then ran to give the attackers a distraction to keep them away from the young lion cub. It worked, but the cost was Rei’s life.