Isla Aukate


Lexi Hunter (right) taking lessons with Razzle Berry (left)

Triplets run in Razzle’s family and she was no exception.  She grew up with two sisters and seemed to always be vying for the attention of her parents.  Razz did not have an unhappy childhood nor did she have a difficult one, but her family was poor and Razz often found herself craving the luxuries she jealously saw in the hands of other people.  As her grades in school were mediocre at best she knew that the only way she would come into money was either marry a rich man or find a way to make cash in a manner that did not require her brains too much.

In the end, Razzle did both.  She took a job dancing at Harvey’s club and tried to catch the eye of a potential suitor.  Harvey often had to scold her for drinking her paychecks away at the bar and doing lackluster work.  But she did bring him someone she claimed was a cousin who performed excellently.  Little did anyone know that cousin was a darnathi named Sagitar who had paid Razzle very well for some of her genetic material so she could prototype into a more native form.

Soon though Razzle could feel her body aging and knew that she couldn’t dance on the stage forever.  Either Harvey would fire her or her body would give out, so she opted to marry a tiger who tipped her well and used his money to build her own club that she and her sisters who had shared similar fates danced at.  Razzle had children as quickly as she could and danced at the club every night, and when her girls came of age Razzle retired and convinced herself that her daughters would bring in enough money for her to sit back and enjoy herself.  When the middle triplet Bramble rebelled Razzle was seething, and to this day Razz quietly sits in the back of her club plotting for a way to destroy her daughter’s career so she’ll come crying back to her, pleading to dance at the stripper poles once again.