Isla Aukate


Rain Steele (right) meeting an Eagle among the clouds

Rain has no idea that she was the primary reason the Darnathi on Aukate formed a truce with Overlord Fox. Almost nothing is known about her life before Darius adopted her beyond the fact that she was abandoned by what is assumed to be her tribe when she was a few months old. Darius found her near a stone obelisk and took her in with the intention of finding a sympathetic member of her species to adopt her. All of that was shattered when Titan sent his agents out and murdered the entire tribe of winged horses. Darius feared Titan would do the same to Rain and pleaded with Titan to spare her. He agreed, in exchange that Darius would show unwavering loyalty to Titan from that moment on.

The young pegasus never knew the price her adopted father paid for her protection, and as she grew she became an unofficial mascot for the Darnathi ship’s crew, with Garret Silver particularly bonding with her and becoming an adopted uncle for her. Silver also attempted to help what he saw as a physical defect in Rain by using the darnathi prototyping technology and surgery to shift the infant pegasus from a quadruped creature to bipedal. And eventually Darius negotiated a truce that included him officially becoming Rain’s guardian and allowing her to attend school like other child her age.

Despite this idyllic life the threat of Titan forever loomed above her even if Darius and Silver did all they could to shield her from it. But eventually Titan’s hatred of Darius outgrew his desire to control and humiliate him, and when he tricked Silver into injecting Darius with a lethal virus it was the last straw. Steele used the last of his strength to rescue Rain from Titan’s clutches and bring the one thing he truly cared about to the sanctuary of Fox’s lair.