Isla Aukate


Pyrite (right) evading an investigative Zoljen (left)

Pyrite basked in the fact that she was a favorite of the ‘Mother’, Beryl.  She had been specially bred for her thick coat and venomous spines that served as excellent tools for assassination.  All the Sirenidae knew that if Beryl sent Pyrite on a mission, someone was going to die.  And Pyrite reveled in her power.  Usually her kind were relegated to disposable animals and tools, but she had become a creature that even the Darnathi officers on the ship cowered in the presence of.

She thought it would be her shining moment when Beryl reluctantly sent her on a mission to kill Darius Steele.  She had planned on cutting a bloody path of death through the Lair and return home to bask in her mother’s praises, but her plans were cut short when she was snatched up in midair while about to kill Garret Silver.  The last sound she ever heard was her own neck being snapped.

Pyrite’s body was returned to Titan’s ship and she briefly was worn around Beryl’s neck as a strange tribute to how much the darnathi loved her.  It is unknown what happened to Pyrite’s body after Beryl’s death, but it was rumored to have been stolen away by Pyrite’s rival, Goldi.