Isla Aukate


Alderion Diandre (left) helping Paria (right) tend to a garden at the abbey

Paria, like all dires, is the essence and a reflection of the person she was formed from.  In this case Sagitair.  What was a shock to so many people, including her creator, was that instead of reflecting the cruelty and sadism of her progenitor, Paria was deeply faithful and devoted to good.  It was as though the last smothering dregs of Sagitair’s goodness were distilled and formed into a whole independent being.

But Paria was not perfect.  Upon her birth she was a stereotype of an angry Christian, harshly judging the sins of those around her.  But when she fled her creator and took refuge with Father Mella and the friars of the abbey she quickly learned the error of her ways and recanted, slowly becoming a more understanding and loving creature.

Her link with Sagitair remained though and her creator used it to torment her daily and force her silence regarding her plans to kidnap Fox and take over the lair.  As much as Paria wanted to warn people, Sagitair forced her silence.  So Paria focused herself on being a comfort to the people around her and making peace with herself.