Isla Aukate


Tegani (lower) and Owen (upper) discussing political relations between the islands.

James was raised in politics and it was never considered that he might not want to do anything else, even by James himself. His father was the mayor before him, and his election was all but given when he ran after his father retired. James has been the mayor of June for about a decade now and still doesn't feel prepared for the job. Thankfully his best friend Nathan helps play the voice of reason when James is feeling particularly overwhelmed.

June has been ruling itself for as long as Owen has been in office and the off and on cold war his island has with July. It has made him paranoid and somewhat pessimistic. He expects everything to go wrong and is suspicious when it does not. Still, he keeps an optimistic face for the crowds even if he’s positive his world is going to come crumbling down upon him at any moment.