Isla Aukate


Octavia (center) granting audience to an eager Zoljin (right)

Since as far as she can remember, Octavia knew that one day she would rule her home aerie.  Dual winged females are always the chosen leaders for the Chimenticore aeries and she was the first one born in twenty years.  The aerie was starting to fear they would be leaderless as their current queen’s health had been failing.  Chimenticores are superstitious and saw Octavia’s arrival as a sign of what her rule would bring.  The fact that she was born in a time when the aerie was beginning to fall into despair predicted that her rule would be full of turmoil and conflict but that she would lead the aerie into prosperity.  

Dual winged Chimenticores don’t often live beyond fifty years and the ruler of the aerie started to show signs of failing health not long after her birth.  Octavia found herself the new ruler at the age of fourteen, but even at the start she was both a stern but compassionate leader.  She refreshed old trade agreements and helped modernize the aerie in her first five years of rule.  Many of the Chimenticores in the Octave aerie call her ‘mother’ instead of ‘queen’ because of her compassion for all the Chimenticores she rules over.

Octavia also has two successors that she is already grooming to carry on her legacy.  And the birth of two dual winged Chimenticores was seen as yet another sign that her rule will continue to be one of greatness.