Isla Aukate


Nathan (left) regaling JD (right) with tales of some of his more "interesting" guests

Nathan took over his father’s hotel in his twenties and by his thirties had already turned it into the most luxurious tourist spot on the island of June.  He was one of the first to start writing up contracts with the cats of Neko Tokyo that allowed them to visit and walk among the ‘Kaiju’ in exchange for discounts when the dinosaurs of June wished to visit their island for a bit of pampering.  Many of them even get a free vacation if they agree to participate in the Kaiju festivals, where the natives build paper buildings and the younger kittens pretend to fight massive battles against the Kaiju. 

But the hotel life is only half of Nathan’s life.  The other half is helping his best friend who just so happens to be the governor of the island, James Owen.  He plays the devil’s advocate sometimes, or the skeptic, or the voice of reason.  Whatever Mayor Owen needs to hear at the time.  People who know about their friendship often jokingly call Nathan the vice-mayor, when he’s really more of an advisor and confidante.  It was through Nathan’s encouragement that the island began to embrace trade and new ideas from outside the island, and slowly work itself into rejoining the collected governing that the Overlord intends.  

In the long run though, Nathan is just looking out for the best interest of his hotel.  When you’re in the tourist trade, new ideas and new people are great for business.