Isla Aukate


Wess (upside-down) greeting Morganite (right-side-up).

Morganite is a puppet in a vast political game and struggles to simply not be consumed by it like it has consumed his wife and only child. He was born into a normal family of commonbloods but was good at playing the political game even as a young darnathi. He was a spy and later became a war hero, and managed to use those skills to climb the ladder enough to have influence when the Highbloods controlled everything. When the purges began he leapt on the opportunity to gain power, soon finding himself elected councilor of his province and gaining a substantial foothold on the continental council. It is rumored that even the Orichalion bends an ear to Councilor Morganite.

His life was going wonderfully, he had a wife and a son and a comfortable home. And then it all collapsed when his son came home covered in blood pleading to make a mistake go away. All Morganite could do was send his son on a colony ship to earth and hope the murder was never solved. Meanwhile he watched helplessly as the guilt and shame made his wife’s sanity snap and caused her to be interred in an asylum permanently. Losing both his wife and son turned Morganite from a confident politician to a broken man that was easily manipulated by other members of the council.

Deep down he wishes to atone. To make up for the sins of his son, to bring his wife back from her despair, maybe even heal his broken world. But for now all he has the strength to do is sit and watch as everything he loves crumbles away.