Isla Aukate


Malachite (left), Clog (center), and Peter "Radio" Doralius (right) enjoying some traditional Earth drinks

Although Malachite appears to be a commonblood darnathi, he is actually a hybrid with quite a bit of highblood in his genes.  His family had recently moved from the more rural areas of Alvarni to try their hands at city life and Mal adapted with ease.  He had the down to earth attitude of his rural family members but the savvy of a sophisticated city dweller.  Because of that he easily rose in rank at the academy and secured his own ship as captain when the highblood purges began on Alvarni.

As he’s physically a bit of a ‘runt’ compared to his family members who show their highblood traits a bit more prominently, Malachite is obsessed with fitness and exercises regularly to keep his body in as peak physical shape as possible.  He also has a fair understanding of darnathi nutrition and physical rehabilitation but he rarely gets to put it into practice with his captain duties.  He secretly conspires to get Fox into shape and has a quiet fascination with Artemis, but is similarly terrified of Silver’s jealous side so he just quietly peeks at her tail when nobody’s looking.

Much of Malachite’s background is something Mal himself keeps a secret.  But the fact that he arrived on earth as a refugee with the highbloods implies that his family ties weren’t enough of a secret and Mal himself was at risk of being tossed into the arena.  When pressed for more information Mal deflects in his own little jovial manner and keeps his remaining secrets to himself.