Isla Aukate
Lethe (top) taking memories from Brombear (bottom)
Lethe (top) taking memories from Brombear (bottom)

Some of those who live on the islands are nothing but whispered myths and legends. Lethe and her sister Memnosyne are two such people whose mythos borders on that of demigods. Or goddesses, if you prefer.

Lethe is half of a duality as magic loves its dualities. Her sister is gifted with the ability to restore any lost memory, so as her opposite Lethe has the ability to wipe memories away. People come to her begging for favors, to please for a mere sip from her pool so that they can forget some pain in their lives. Lethe grants it when plied enough with favors or interesting trinkets.

She is known as the dark half of the duality, sleeping in her pool during the day and only emerging at night when the sun sets while her sister makes her presence known during the day. Because of that she is known by some as the ‘evil’ sister even though she considers her gift a mercy to most.

Lethe has become more reclusive and secretive as time has passed and some of the local sirens have made it their business to mind after her and keep her from vanishing into the ocean of stolen memories she covets too deeply. They are met with only limited success.