Isla Aukate


Lapis (left) offering some Darnathi cuisine to Frozen (right)

Lapis is a very traditional darnathi that bears the marks of the southern species. The northern highbloods are large and muscled and brutish, while the southern commonbloods are chubby and fluffy. She is the mother to Cobalt and Ian and dozens of other pups that she’s happily raised with her city born comonblooded spouse and her brother, Lodite.

One secret that she has kept as deeply hidden as possible is that her entire family are extremely powerful and gifted empaths. Not all of her children have the family gift but there are enough that they have taken special care to never tip off the empath initiative to their ability. They are all registered as low level empaths and whenever they are visited and tested they can find no evidence to show that the family are anything more than low level commonbloods that aren’t worth bothering with.

But Lapis knows that one day their secret will come out. Either they’ll miss something on a test or someone will say the wrong thing and their secret has been discovered. Because of that her and her brother have trained and honed their children to have a special mental shield on themselves at all times that makes any non-family member forget that they were empaths within minutes. And recently she has encouraged her family to leave the planet when they are able before the highblood purges turn into something worse.