Isla Aukate


Knight (left) and Gintasa (right) chatting over a game of chess

Knight is the newest dire on Aukate, created by Darius Steele to be a companion to Wolfbane much as he was a companion to Overlord Fox.  Although the general didn’t want to force a relationship between the two dires, the two got along very well and easily reflected the love between their counterparts.

Like all dires, Knight is the embodiment of Darius’ instincts and primal thoughts and urges.  Knight is very wolflike, even compared to Bane.  He finds himself forming minions into ‘packs’ and trying to lead them like an alpha.  

One of the interesting things about Knight is that his voice resembles Darius’ before it was damaged by the weaponized virus Titan infected him with.  It’s rich and almost musical and yet when Knight speaks in a commanding tone many people find it hard to disobey.