Isla Aukate


Jet (Black) and Shimmer (gold) meeting Marula (yellow) and Saba (big)

Every ship has a supply of chirrs and dolphoria and Titan’s ship was no exception.  Chirrs provide therapy for overstressed crew and provide raw materials and recycle damaged items to keep the ship in working order.

Jet is a natural therapy pet who was clever enough to damage his control collar when Beryl removed all the control chips from her pets to prevent Uru from taking control of the animals that served under her.  He was quickly adopted into Artemis’ family and does what he can to keep everyone in Hector’s household centered.  Jet is very loyal to Artemis and seems to know before even Silver sometimes when she’s overwhelmed and stressed.

Shimmer is a bit of a runt, although many chirrs are deliberately stunted so they’re smaller and easier to manage.  The smaller chirrs often compensate by having stronger pheromones when they become adults and more sensitive empathy.  But so far Shimmer seems to mostly focus on biting people and making sure she’s the first to be fed.  She has a particular bond with Ian and likes to cuddle up with him whenever he’s nearby.