Isla Aukate


Hekili (left) being booped by Apex (right)

Hekili is the son of Pahili but was born mute. Were he the son of any other dragon he would have been killed the moment his fault was noticed. But since Pahili is his parent he was spared. 

Hekili is withdrawn and keeps to himself most of the time. He was never mistreated by his family but often handled the way one would handle a pet. He was provided for but treated with a certain amount of distance. Since it’s the only life Hekili knows, he doesn’t really understand that his treatment is different or special compared to anybody else.

The one boon he was given was a stone that gives him the ability to talk, even if he often doesn’t use it. He claims that there’s a mermaid inside the stone and he prefers to hold it and rock it back and forth to simulate the rolling of waves so the mermaid can feel more at home.