Isla Aukate
Harvey Torn (right), Percival (shoulders), Peter "Radio" Doralius (left), and Clog (head) reviewing a rehersal
Harvey Torn (right), Percival (shoulders), Peter "Radio" Doralius (left), and Clog (head) reviewing a rehersal

Harvey is the son of Hartford Torn, the leader of the Torn clan of Fire Elementals. He has an older brother named Hartley and a younger half-brother named Aaron. Harvey’s mother left soon after Harvey’s birth to seek her own path and not live under the rules of the Torn clan.

Perhaps taking after his mother, Harvey also longed for a life outside his father’s clan and one day simply vanished, not to be seen or heard from for several decades. Then one day a club mysteriously opened up on Aukate called the Red Velvet. Although alcohol or even burlesque clubs were not illegal on Aukate, it still ran itself similar to a speakeasy in that you had to give a codeword to enter via a bookstore front. It was there that Harvey began to build up his little empire.

Harvey learned to collect information and secrets and worked himself into a position where even the Overlord herself needed to go to him to learn a secret or two that her own web of contacts can’t tell her. If you need something illegal Harvey can get it for you… but it will cost you in favors and secrets.

When people first encounter Harvey, he seems almost laughable. He loves dressing flamboyantly and wallowing in his hedonistic lifestyle. And yet his favorite article of clothing is a stole made from a mink named Percival, a mink that was at one point a walking and talking member of Aukate society. There are also rows of heads and rugs made from other citizens on his walls and decorating his private halls, many of them taxidermied to wear expressions of horror and terror. It is rumored that if a particularly nasty criminal vanishes, they probably ended up on Harvey’s wall.

The half demon is a creature of contradictions. He is one of the very rare half demons, which means he constantly dances the line between losing his powers through atrophy and embracing his demonic side completely by overusing them. As a half demon he can use his powers sparingly and carefully but is immune to many of the tricks used to hurt his full demon brethren. It is a path few demons are capable of following, and yet Harvey walks it with ease, perhaps a sign of the tremendous will hidden underneath his carefree facade.