Isla Aukate


Maluhia (left) aiding Hartley (right) at the forge.

Hartley was groomed to replace his father when his grandfather died as his father’s fear and paranoia that “the preds” were going to get them grew by each passing day.  Although Hartley loves his father deeply, he saw the insanity that was claiming his father and began to wish for other things than the inevitable mantle of clan leadership.  Hartley was happiest in his clan’s forge, making weapons and armor to arm his people.

His opinion of predator species changed when he found a village of otters living off of the sea and land on the coast of Aukate.  They were surprisingly sheltered and naive and welcomed the demon without any fear or hesitation.  He noticed that they had a long abandoned forge in their village and, as thanks for their hospitality, he rebuilt it.   And after time he began to go there and build tools for the village as a private escape when his father’s pressures overwhelm him.

When Hartford declared war on all predators his son couldn’t live with it anymore and abandoned his clan.  He vanished without a word and went to become a fulltime blacksmith for a small unassuming village on the coast of Aukate.