Isla Aukate


Hartford (left) subjugating a subdued Brombear (right)

Hartford lived the life of a normal member of the fire demon tribe for most of his life, but all that changed when his father was killed by an unknown assailant when Hartford was fifty.  His father was everything to the young fire demon and he swore to avenge his father’s death.  All he knew was that it appeared his father’s corpse was partially eaten, which made him think a predator of some sort had done it.  Because of this, Hartford grew to hate all predator species on Aukate, silently blaming every single one for his father’s death.

As he grew he inherited his father’s gem, the master gem that commands and controls all the fire gems on the island.  He organized the fire clan into an army and seemed to double down on his hatred of predator races as his power and followers grew.  Even when his wife and children distanced themselves from him, he continued his crusade.  It is rumored that Hartford’s anti-predator hatred went from a grudge to full on war soon after he appointed a gazelle as his second, but anyone who questions her role quickly run into accidents.

As impractical as it is, as insane as it is, Hartford seems to want nothing less than the removal and destruction of every single predator on the islands.  And is willing to commit genocide to make it come to pass.