Isla Aukate
Darkfox (right) handing off some paperwork for Fox (left) to review
Darkfox (right) handing off some paperwork for Fox (left) to review

Overlord Fox keeps a great many details about her origins a secret. But she surprised many of the inhabitants of the Calendar Islands by stepping up as a leader from seemingly nowhere and in the span of a few years helped pull the island out of the brink of financial ruin and into a thriving and healthy economy once more.

Before she came into power she was meticulously groomed for the role in secret by Hector Fen, who disagreed with Governor Rex’s decision to dissolve her role and let the islands govern themselves. They were already in economic dire straits and without the unity of the islands Hector feared that they would fall too far to ever recover. So when a young teenage fox who had been thrown out of her house by a resentful parent started poking around his cabin, Hector started making plans.

After many years of training and six months after Rex’s death, Fox stepped up to take on the role of governor, promising relief from the economic stagnation and hardship the islands were suffering through and promising jobs and education. The public had doubts, but then as a goodwill gesture the Governor Rex Memorial University broke ground in central Aukate and provided inexpensive education for the natives. She was elected by a landslide despite the fact that Aukate and the islands had been ruled by a female cat for as long as history was recorded. This was doubly amazing that it was a fox who took the mantle as foxes often are treated with a quiet racism against ‘Reynards’.

Once in power Fox began focusing beyond the islands’ borders and began reaching out to the other governments of the world. Aukate was not unknown to the outside world but needed to remain a secret. And yet since it had developed a great deal of it's technologies independently from the rest of the world it could offer fresh new viewpoints for manufacturers to try. She gave the other countries little tickles and tastes of Aukate, enough to whet their appetites and enable her the influence she wanted.

After all, why rule a few islands when you can rule the world?