Isla Aukate
Fenriria Fenhoof (right) performing some magical test on Southpaw.
Fenriria Fenhoof (right) performing some magical test on Southpaw.

Fenriria did not ask for her powers, but even before they fully emerged they defined her entire life. Perhaps it was a prophecy, or superstition, or blind fear, but when Fenriria was born with a birthmark on her neck in the shape of a wolf her parents started plotting her death. It was the intervention of her older brother Lomani that saved her life. He suggested that perhaps the mark would fade when she grew and it might just be a fluke. Her parents reluctantly agreed but remained cold to her for most of her infancy. She was primarily raised by Lomani who became as much a parent for her as a sibling.

When she turned eight her parents noted that her mark had not faded and it was time to kill her before her ‘curse’ manifested. And since Lomani had stopped them from killing her when she was born, he was tasked with killing her now as penance. He took her to the sacred grounds, did the cleansing ceremony, but could not bring himself to cut her throat. He knew it would mean a life forever on the run but finally chose to take his sister and hide.

At ten, Fenriria started manifesting her powers. She could do cantrips without thinking and before she was twelve could cast spells with a skill usually only shown by wizards that were centuries old. It was at sixteen that her skill truly made itself apparent to Lomani when they were attacked by dwarves and Lomani was killed attempting to save Fenriria’s life. She forced his soul into a crystal and eventually infused him into the body of an elf. Then linked him to her own well of power for the sole purpose of granting him immortality. Not as a favor to him, but because Fen could not imagine life without her brother.

Fen eventually mastered the lost art of plainswalking and took her and her brother to many new lands. She finally left him on earth and after a few adventures left him on Aukate where he finally seemed to settle and establish himself. As a quiet way of thanking Aukate for taking in her brother, she created a mountain made of lapis for Overlord Fox to serve as her headquarters and seat of government.

These days Fenriria walks the plains to serve her own purpose. It is said that her birth parents vanished mysteriously one day. It is said that she has learned how to build and maintain a small world of her own hidden deep in the nether where she rests and recovers. It is said that she can shift her shape like water and summon all sorts of creatures to serve her. But all anyone truly knows about her is that she is someone who knows they would be completely lost without their brother.