Isla Aukate
Wess (right) covertly introducing Fangite (left) to the wonders of water balloons.
Wess (right) covertly introducing Fangite (left) to the wonders of water balloons.

Fangite was used to getting his way all through his life. When he didn’t, he learned how to push people until they gave him what he wanted. His father was a powerful government official, his mother was a respected scientist, and so he wanted for nothing growing up. It was far too late that his parents realized what they had done when Fangite came home with blood on his hands and demanded that his parents ‘fix things’. Fang had murdered a darnathi he was fond of that did not reciprocate his attention, and expected his parents to make his problem go away.

The best they could do was arrange for Fang to take a spot on one of the colony initiatives and leave the planet before he was discovered. The shame and guilt put his mother in an asylum and threw his father into a deep despair. Fangite, on the other hand, was thrilled. He and his new captain, Titan, got along frighteningly well and he was eager to play out his mission as an infiltration agent.

He had almost secured a spot in parliament when word of his identity was leaked and Fang had to run for his life. During his escape he dove into a river under a hail of gunfire and never surfaced again. It’s assumed that he drowned… Thankfully darnathi can breathe just fine underwater and it got him far enough away that he was able to secure his old escape pod and return to Aukate. He still purposely wears a scar on his face where a bullet grazed it as a reminder of what happened and as a trophy of his survival.

Fangton now acts as operations officer on one of the colony ships and hates every moment of it. He learned that Darius Steele was the one who sold him out and daily plots his revenge, usually something violent and painful. He is also trying to make plans to contact and return to homeworld, firstly to bring Darius home to hopefully use him as a means of having his little altercation forgotten. And then he plans to exact revenge on the father that he feels abandoned him…