Isla Aukate
D.K. being harrassed by the off-color rabble.
D.K. being harrassed by the off-color rabble.

Damba Khari grew up under the knowledge that he would succeed his father and that one day he would raise a son who would do likewise. As a child Damba adored his father and did everything he could to please him. Unfortunately what pleased his father was treating those not born with the purest white fur as if they were the lowest of the low, and using his power to make his authority beyond question. As he grew and took over more of his father’s affairs, he learned when to roar and when to bite, and when to quietly pay someone to make a person disappear.

When his father died Damba was elected mayor by a landslide. Some say it was the blessing of the creator but most quietly agree that the Romanorens just fix the election, and anybody who considers investigating this will either quietly vanish or ‘accidents’ will happen to their friends and family until they decide to stop.

When his son, Aileeron, was born he left most of the care to the woman who helped raise him, a sparrow named Rose. Damba became a little concerned when his son took to imitating Rose’s accent but still didn’t fear too much.

But when his daughter, Rei, fell in love with a normal lion and not the man he had arranged for her he was furious. He did just what his father would have done and had the man quietly vanish. Unfortunately Rei vanished as well, and not because D.K. had paid someone to make her go away despite his threats to do so if she didn’t marry the man he demanded she marry. Aileeron became more aloof after his sister went into hiding and then went to Aukate to “learn about the Overlord”. Damba assumed that his son was merely exploring the world before his responsibilities tied him down too much.

D.K. quietly fears his empire could come crumbling down around him, but has resolved himself to not going down without a fight, even if it means destroying the whole of his island on his way down.