Isla Aukate
Pete (right) admiring a poster of DJ Deekay (left)
Pete (right) admiring a poster of DJ Deekay (left)

DJ Deekay started out as an evening radio DJ that nobody believed would ever become as big or as controversial. He played soothing music and nature sounds for the late night and early morning listeners and didn’t put much thought into the content of his recordings.

Then the protesters started picketing the studio.

Deekay had been playing mating calls of birds and insects with no explicit warning. It was an outrage. It was indecent. The ratings shot through the roof and soon enough Radio LZRD became the most popular radio station on the Calendar islands. Unfortunately Deekay had to go into hiding and now only works in secret, but his station manager seems willing to work with him to help ensure his privacy.

All that is really known about Deekay is that he is a brown snake. And although brown snakes are not commonplace on the islands, they’re still too many to make any assumptions as to which one it is. Meanwhile, the official LZRD shops can’t keep the “I’m not Deekay” shirts in stock.