Isla Aukate
Darius Steele (left) and Mark M'Rega (right) reviewing information
Darius Steele (left) and Mark M'Rega (right) reviewing information

Darius is a tactician who climbed the ranks of the Darnathi military to an unprecedented level. He found many peaceful methods in high tension situations, and won many battles where the odds were against him. This earned him the rank of General, unheard of for a commonblood. To take the rank he had to accept mandatory sterilization which most darnathi are required to do for service, but in Darius’ case he was required to permanently sterilize himself as a sign of dedication to the Darnathi military as opposed to the temporary gel that most military darnathi take.

Darius was assigned to the colony ships to claim Earth before other alien colony efforts took it over, which meant the ship was small and the whole expedition was rushed. On the way Titan received disturbing news from the homeworld that caused him to purposely crash the ship into Aukate.

While exploring the new land they had crashed into, Darius adopted an orphaned native pegasus that he named Rain. In an attempt to keep her safe from the mission commander, Richard Titan, Darius attempted to kill Titan while he was recovering from the crash. Titan woke up to find Darius hovering over him with a knife and lashed out unexpectedly, shattering Darius’ leg in the struggle and making Darius swear his loyalty as his price for keeping Rain safe.

The general lived at war with Overlord Rex and slowly settled into an uneasy peace with Overlord Fox when it sank in that they were far too out of their element to ever conquer the island, especially with the sudden influx of financial resources thanks to Hector. Eventually in exchange for the Darnathi keeping to themselves and allowing Rain to go to school, Darius managed to negotiate an end to the long fight.

Titan never forgave Darius for the attempt on his life and when the opportunity to kill him presented itself ten years later he infected Steele with a weaponized virus and attempted to abduct Rain to use as a test subject. Steele rallied his strength and rescued her, taking her to the only safe place he knew… Overlord Fox’s lair.