Isla Aukate
Cole (left) investigating Freya (right)
Cole (left) investigating Freya (right)

Coal knew his father only tolerated him very early on in life. His maternal parent had killed themselves and his father had been forcibly sterilized to prevent his mate’s death from causing his own. The treatment made his father even more cold and distant, but oddly even more doting on his older brother, Diamond. Even their names were a sign of who was the favorite and who the castoff was.

He was never sure why he took the infiltration training. Perhaps because his brother had done the same and he wished to show his father that he was just as capable. He was even more surprised when his father arranged for both of them to join the same ship. Desmond went to serve in Washington DC, and Cole went to Canada.

The young Darnathi had almost forgotten his old life when the call came in to report back to the ship and that their cover had been blown. It was through the grace of human friends he had made that Cole was able to return to Aukate and rejoin Tungsten and some of his old crewmates instead of ending up in custody. When he heard his brother had been killed he quietly sent word to his father but never heard anything back.

Now Cole is serving under General Tungsten as a lab assistant, but every day he considers retiring to a seaside shack and hunting crabs all day. He even prototyped into a cat to be able to manage it easier.