Isla Aukate
Dexter Cobalt (right) and Amos Ray English (left) testing new recipes
Dexter Cobalt (right) and Amos Ray English (left) testing new recipes

Cobalt was born in the southern polar area of Alvarni where the commonblooded darnathi are adapted to suit the colder climate. They live more natural lives and managed to avoid many of the governmental checks and balances that the city-born darnathi live through. He came from a big family with dozens of brothers and sisters who taught him to be wary of officials who promise crystal in exchange for genetic material and information on who might be an empath. His entire family learned to hide any empathic abilities they had just in case the wrong people started taking too much of an interest in them.

But as time went on it became harder and harder to avoid the governmental meddling that tried to bend even the country dwellers to the strict standards of raising children. Cobalt’s parents sensed that things were going to get worse as the highbloods of Alvarni grew more and more in control and encouraged Cobalt and his brother Bismuth to enroll in the colony effort so they could escape while escape was still possible.

Cobalt tested low on the empathic scale but charmed his way into the medical field by virtue of his teeth. For Darnathi, his sharklike teeth made him extremely attractive and he used it to his advantage to secure a spot for him and his brother on a colony ship bound for earth.

Like many darnathi he was injected with sterilization gel that removed any lingering traces of his empathy, and like many darnathi sterilization made him colder and more shrewd. This mindset alienated him somewhat from his brother but served him well under Titan, who saw any sympathy and compassion as a sign of weakness and took pleasure in torturing anybody who showed hints of it. The only compassion Cobalt truly showed during these times was protecting his brother from Titan’s wrath as much as he could, sometimes even deflecting the highblood’s ire upon himself instead.

Cobalt specialized in research and lab work with enough medical training to serve as a reserve doctor if the main one was unavailable or busy. This put him in regular contact with Aria Beryl and the two began flirting until Titan took an interest in Beryl as well. Since the two were both highbloods and Cobalt was a mere commonblood he knew his place and went back to his work in the labs and manning the communication array.

Later, Cobalt captured, experimented on, and once he escaped he befriended a white cat named Artemis. His adventures led him to an extremely different sort of life making rum and moonshine for Hector while living in one of Hector’s old cabins.

Cobalt now spends his days brewing new blends of moonshine and has developed a love of cooking. His home is a haven for chirrs, two thurvines and their brood of pups, and dozens of bunny rabbits.