Isla Aukate


Chrysoprase (left) and Shawn Foraker (right) enjoying some flowers

Chrysoprase is a pureblood highblood but her family was not one that held power or influence on Alvarni.  They had a family farm and sold plants and flowers to make ends meet.  It was a simple life but one that Chryso deeply loved.  Unfortunately as hatred for highbloods grew on Alvarni, the farm fell into debt and was in danger of being seized by the local council.  Sensing that the worst was yet to come, her family scattered and many members went into hiding.  Chryso tended to her ailing father but he encouraged her to leave while she was still capable.  Reluctantly, the young highblood promised she would as soon as she was able.

Chryso never wanted to join the colonization fleet, but as the highblood purges started spreading over Alvarni she realized that her safest bet would be leaving the planet somehow.  So when she received a notice of an opening on Tungsten’s ship she packed up everything she could carry and rushed to join him despite not having any military experience.  Her father had used the last of his influence to secure her a role as a botanist and forged a school record that secured her a high level command position.  Although Chryso felt uncomfortable with so many responsibilities she quickly adapted and showed a natural knack at leadership and made a good counterpoint to Tungsten with the crew of their ship.  Tungsten was aware that her records were forged but trusted her with the leadership role and even mentored her as best as he could.

She misses her home and family deeply, but knows they wanted her to live on and does her best to honor their memory and their wishes.  She spends her time doing her best to keep the morale up among her crew, and cultivates the local flowers that she’s taking a liking to.  It’s easy to tell when Chryso has been by recently by the number of flower garlands that the dolphoria guards and random crewmembers are wearing.