Isla Aukate
Dr. Chiria “Chiri” Naochi (left) and Dr. Evelyn Archeus (right) reviewing a new compound.
Dr. Chiria “Chiri” Naochi (left) and Dr. Evelyn Archeus (right) reviewing a new compound.

Chiria is known to most of the lair as “The ice queen” or “Oh, HER” to people who have been under her care at one of the Lair’s clinics. She is an excellent doctor but has no bedside manner, no warmth, and is brutally honest. If you are terminal, she will not coddle you. If you are sick because of your own neglect, she will tell you. If you need a treatment you do not want, she will put you through it anyway unless you sign all the waivers stating you understand the consequences of your actions, and then she will wash her hands of you. Most people hate her methods, but some appreciate her terse words and blunt honesty. She isn’t rude or insulting unless the patient says something construed as an insult, but she is all business when it comes to her job, and she does her job extremely well. In many ways her skills as a doctor exceeds Garret Silver’s.

She keeps her personal history private but it is rumored that she came from the island of October where predation is legal. The fact that some of her profanities are “Firelords” and “Fires” implies that she came from someplace where they worshipped the ancient elementals and volcano gods despite making it clear she is an atheist. The black markings under her right eye are also vaguely reminiscent to some of the tribal markings and dyes used by the denizens of October.

Another thing that only people who work close to her know is that in her past she suffered some sort of head trauma that caused her to lose her sense of smell and taste. She also flinches when someone approaches her from behind unaware or touches her back. She gives no explanation as to why and tersely tells people to mind their own business if they try to pry.

One thing everyone agrees with is that there is no ‘befriending’ Doctor Naochi. You will not break through her shell and find the vulnerable woman underneath. You will not crack through her exterior and get to her friendly side. There is no secret yearning for love and friendship underneath her facade. Chiria does not want to be your friend, and longs for the day where she finally saves up enough money to quietly retire someplace far away from everybody so she can finally be left alone.