Isla Aukate


Charlotte (behind) fitting Datban (front) for yet another uniform

Charlotte hails from October but gives very little information about her background beyond that.  She has been in the service of the governor/Overlord since before the reign of Governor Queen and is considered one of those things that has always been in the service of the ruler of Aukate.  It was Rex who named her, before she was known only as ‘The Seamstress’ and created uniforms for anyone serving the Governor.

Fox was the one who befriended the giant spider when she learned the source of Governor Rex’s uniforms.  The giant spider was hesitant to divulge too much about herself but enjoyed the fact that she was treated with respect and like a living person instead of just a machine that created costumes.  

It was Charlotte who created the design for the uniforms.  Whenever people complain about the design or the cut they are encouraged to bring their disagreements up with her.  Very few continue to complain after having a meeting with a spider the size of a tank.