Isla Aukate


Zoljen (bottom) helping Cabayo (top) kick back and relax.

Cabayo grew up resenting anyone he perceived as being better off than him.  He felt he was smarter and more skilled (and more handsome) than just about everyone and believed that it is just the universe itself conspiring against him ever getting what he feels he deserves, and that’s why he’s stuck being poor.  He is from a traveling band of gypsies who live just a little too far outside the law for most people’s comfort, and who tend to pack up and move to another island when too many people start to grow wise to their ways.

The last time he was on Aukate he dated a young fox girl who lived with an elf that Cabayo was positive would die soon and he could swoop in and live off of her inheritance since he could tell the elf was loaded.  After a few months of this the young Cabayo realized that the elf, Hector, wasn’t going anywhere and started to grow bored with dating the elf’s protege.  Soon enough they parted ways, partially because the young fox grew wise to the fact that Cabayo had a second girlfriend on the side.

Imagine his surprise a few years later when he saw his ex-girlfriend’s face on election posters as she ran for Governor of Aukate and later named herself the Overlord.  Cabayo began fabricating and rewriting history in his mind, turning his past relationship with Fox into “the best thing he ever had” and started quietly believing that he deserved to be on the throne of Aukate and, in fact, it was somehow due to him that she was elected.  His grandmother encouraged these delusions and started filing his head with stories about his demon heritage and teaching him bits of fire magic.  And it is through this that Cabayo began scheming for his “rightful” place on the throne of Aukate.