Isla Aukate


Luana (right) offering a gift to Buddy (left)

Buddy grew up knowing she was adopted.  It was hard not to notice when you’re a gray cat being raised by a family of lions.  Still, she loved her family and always felt like a lion inside.  But at the same time she always felt a tug to wander beyond her family’s home on Aperu.  And one day she packed up her belongings and hopped a ferry to Aukate to make it on her own.

She found a spot under a Banyan tree and quickly made a small home for herself.  Buddy was a natural at catching small animals to eat and foraging but sometimes it wasn’t enough. So she did what any self respecting feral cat would do and began digging through the garbage of the nearby houses, figuring that if the people threw something away they wouldn’t mind if she helped herself to it.  This worked until a white cat from one of the houses caught her and chased her off their property.  Unfortunately this only made Buddy more determined, but she was surprised when the cat gave her food and pointed her to a nearby abbey to go to if she needed more after being caught a second time.

Something about the white cat resonated with Buddy and she has taken to spying and lingering near the house more, even if it means getting chased away from time to time.  She has also made friends with a misfit Chimenticore named Rook and the two of them will commiserate about how they both feel like outcasts whenever they can spare a moment.