Isla Aukate
Dean Crossfox (right) admiring the performance by Brambi
Dean Crossfox (right) admiring the performance by Brambi

Bramble was born the middle child of triplets. Her father, a tiger, cared for her but quickly left the family after her mother’s numerous affairs. Brambi was groomed her entire life to follow in her mother’s footsteps, which unfortunately happened to be on the stage of a strip club. Before Brambi understood why she was put through dance classes and modeling lessons and taught how to dress and wear makeup properly. But once she started coming of age she learned that all of it was grooming to dance on a stage with a pole and to remove her clothing when the money came in. On their eighteenth birthday, the day the triplets could legally dance in an adult club, Brambi and her sisters were put on stage and made their debut -- and any talk of backing out or doing something else was denied firmly and completely.

Brambi hated it. Her mother hammered the lesson of family and legacy into her head and made it clear that the job of Brambi and her sisters was to perform until they became too old, and when that time grew close they were to find someone with money, marry them, and hope for triplets to continue the family legacy. Brambi knew that this wasn’t the life a mother should give their children. When she started to hate the person staring at her in the mirror she began to rebel in ways to make herself look as unlike her mother and sisters as she could. She cut her hair and bleached it, she dyed her stripes and even learned to use makeup to change her face in subtle little ways. Razz made her hide it on the stage and wear a wig, but it only made Brambi’s resolve grow all the more.

The only thing she loved about the stage was the music. The music called to Bramble, but not in the way that her mother intended. Her dream was to create music and dance her own dance, not follow in the footsteps of others, especially if those footsteps led her to a stripper pole. So one evening she slipped away and tried out in a local talent competition for a radio station. Not only did she win, but she secured her first recording contract.

Bramble knew her mother would try to stop her, but also knew that if she continued her life as a stripper she’d grow to hate herself completely. So she gathered everything she owned, sold most of it so she could survive long enough for the contract to start paying off, and ran away. It was a leap of faith... but she made it.

These days Brambi is one of the biggest names in the Aukate music industry. Her concerts are almost always sold out, her albums fly off the shelves, and the radio stations play her songs constantly. Her mother tried to cash in on Brambi’s success, but found herself facing an army of lawyers threatening to sue if her name and music were used without permission.

So now a small little strip club in town has a pair of twins as its main act instead of triplets, and the most popular singer on Aukate tells everyone she owes her success to following her dream and not giving up even when it looked impossible.