Isla Aukate


Greg (left) and Fundi (right) catching up on conversation.

Greg wanted nothing more than to serve the Governor like his father did. He remembers his father coming home with stories about how his day went and even the most boring of days was a strange delight to Gregory. He dreamed of being the dashing hero that would save the governor and protect her with his life. And then one day he got exactly what he dreamed of. He was hired and tasked with protecting the ruler of Aukate.

Although the work was not what he expected, Greg still was thrilled for the prospect of being so close to the Governor, or the Overlord as she oddly wished to call herself. He could still be the protector he dreamed of. Serving Fox was an honor and a job he cherished. He even quietly found himself falling in love with her despite the fact that she was attached to one of those strange alien creatures.

He’s fine with living the life of someone with unrequited love, so long as it means he can be the protector he always wanted to be.