Isla Aukate
Beryl (left) taking inadequate measures to restrain Wess (right)
Beryl (left) taking inadequate measures to restrain Wess (right)

On one hand, Beryl was the ultimate of what the breeding program tried to create. She was a powerful empath and a highblood. The problem is that only her sister, Ammolite, displayed highblood traits with her empathy. Beryl was highblood on paper but looked far too comonblood to become part of highblood society. Which meant as an empath she was going to be forced into the golden cage sooner or later.

In school she seemed to have an aptitude with animals, much to her sister’s chagrin. Many of the chirrs and sirenidae she bred ended up winning awards as she just seemed to have a knack as to which animals would breed the most idealized traits.

Her sister urged her to try the colony effort and suggested she hook up with a highblood captain, even implying that she could take the mission over if she played her cards right. Beryl reluctantly agreed, and was surprised to find herself on the same ship as her sister’s adopted son. She kept who her sister was a secret from Silver but kept an eye on the young empath.

She had a brief relationship with Titan, but there was no true emotion to it. She just knew she might live longer than some of the other people on her ship if she warmed the captain’s bed, and it kept her ear to Titan’s plans and secrets as well, which enabled her to usurp him and arrange for his capture.

Beryl met her end when Tungsten’s ship landed. Beryl had planned to use the ship full of highbloods to finally make her move and take over a weakened Aukate. But Tungsten shot her in the face and killed her as he wanted no part in her invasion plans.