Isla Aukate
Deanne (bottom) helping Wolfbane (top) stay comfortable during her nap.
Deanne (bottom) helping Wolfbane (top) stay comfortable during her nap.

A dire is the embodiment of the id of their host. They contain the feral urges and instincts and many of the natural impulses that their creator held. The id’s host is not without emotion after the creation of a dire, but many of the more base and pure emotions run a great deal stronger through the body of a dire.

Bane is very much like a twin sister to Fox in many ways. Both of them have a strong desire to see Aukate and its people thrive. They both seek knowledge and have inquisitive natures, and they are both fiercely loyal and protective of the people they hold dear. But Bane is the one who is more feral in nature and is quick to remind others that she is as much a beast as she is a sentient being.

At first Bane and Fox were inseparable and you rarely saw one without the other. But as time passed Bane became more independent, perhaps reflecting the independent nature of her host, and eventually even had her own quarters built in the lair so she could have some measure of privacy. She became a great deal more reclusive and distant when Fox began to seriously pursue a relationship with Darius Steele, but did what she could to hide her growing dislike and resentment of the man. Deep down she could not begrudge Fox’s desire to have a companion and to be happy. Thankfully Darius saw the growing distance in Bane and created a dire of his own to help.

These days Bane loses herself in work with R&D, enjoying the influx of new technology to study thanks to the Darnathi. And she appreciates that out of all of the places in the lair, she is never treated like a talking dog in the one department where she signs all the paychecks.