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Artemis (front) and Harlan "Rebel" Stuart fishing
Artemis (front) and Harlan "Rebel" Stuart fishing

Artemis seemingly appeared out of nowhere one day, a white cat that Hector suddenly found himself tending to in his library. At first he thought the creature was a nonsentient beast that he intended to keep as a pet, and later when she asked him for some clothing to wear he took her in as an assistant and confidante. When he asked her name she quietly admitted she didn’t have one, so Hector named her Artemis. Fox thought her arrival out of nowhere was strange but Hector was known for his eccentricities and she was happy to see him with a companion once more.

The truth is she appeared when Fenriria was attempting to summon a familiar, and somehow pulled her instead. As time went by, Hector and Fenriria learned that the strange white cat often gets pulled to other dimensions and worlds and has been traveling in that strange way for as long as she can remember.

Her second secret came when she donated blood to Silver when he was gravely wounded. Her blood heals -- or more specifically an enzyme within it does. A legacy, she said, from her race’s desire to become gods. The secret came out when Cobalt captured her and figured out the secret while running tests to figure out why her body was destroying his nanites and why she was fighting off the illnesses he was infecting her with so quickly. A secret that Hector and Artemis are desperately attempting to conceal once more.

The times Artemis gets pulled to other dimensions, Fenriria pulls her back out of a sense of loyalty to what she still quietly feels is still ‘her’ familiar. And because Artemis’ presence has been good for Hector as well. Both Hector and Fenriria are additionally grateful that Artemis’ recent relationship with Silver will hopefully keep the overeager doctor from annoying Hector too much as well.