Isla Aukate
Wess (right) presenting Arget (left) with traditional otter cuisine.
Wess (right) presenting Arget (left) with traditional otter cuisine.

Arget never saw herself as a highblood, but unfortunately her genetic paperwork stated otherwise. As the highblood purges began to hit Alvarni, the young darnathi found herself in the middle of a deadly game of politics and she didn’t understand the rules.

Many of the victims of the highblood purges were people who might be related to political figures that were accused of having highblood in their genes, or highblood lovers. And somehow in this game Arget’s family found themselves on the chopping block. She suspected some of her relatives were in the resistance, but kept her head down and never asked questions, thinking that would keep her safe, unfortunately it didn’t.

Thankfully she was friends with Captain Malachite who was assembling a crew for his ship for a supposed colony mission to earth. He quietly implied that if she came along, the purges would hopefully not follow. As she watched her family members disappear one after another she took him up on his offer.

Arget was one of the first darnathi to prototype into one of the native forms of the island. She had seen images of otters and thought they were close enough to darnathi that she’d feel comfortable in that body. Like many darnathi she added little flairs and differences to the form. Currently she serves as a forager for her ship and is one of the best in her group at catching fish.