Isla Aukate
Pete (left) confronting Apollo (right)
Pete (left) confronting Apollo (right)

Apollo once was only known by his number and served on Titan’s ship as a guard along with the thurvines. With his deep blue pelt Apollo was excellent for night missions and stealth. He was paired with a larger dolphoria that worked alongside him that has been a favored pet of Titan and imprinted on him a little. Unfortunately for Apollo his partner also imprinted on many of Titan’s cruel ways.

When Beryl and Titan were killed the two left to presumably go wild, which Apollo adapted to better than his partner. In fact he found a maternal dolphoria that he started spending much of his time and eventually formed a romantic bond with. His working partner was enraged by this, seeing the romance as Apollo wanting to defect and leave and took his rage out on the mated pair by smashing half their eggs and making it clear the rest would be forfeit if Apollo dared to stray again.

They two soon found a new master in a mysterious benefactor who promised them things would go back to how they were on Titan’s ship and they would be taken care of and rewarded. They performed many acts of subterfuge against the darnathi and the Lair and eventually were given orders to capture a certain white cat. During the struggle Apollo bit her to try and pull her off of his partner, and it was then he realized that the cat's scent was the same as the cat that had mauled his partner and comforted his mate. He knew that if he did not act he would never be free and his mate and surviving children would always be under his partner’s threat. So while the cat was grappling his partner’s head, Apollo rushed in and helped her snap his neck.

After the fight he withdrew, but followed her quietly until he found her home. Apollo had been bred to be a guard and he decided that protecting the person who had helped end his vicious partner would be the best penance he could offer. The cat grudgingly accepts him, but the other members of her household make a point of taking care of him and giving him a warm enough welcome.