Isla Aukate
Ammolite (left) recieving a detailed explanation of a key tool from Pete (right)
Ammolite (left) recieving a detailed explanation of a key tool from Pete (right)

Ammolite was always reaching for greatness. She was a skilled empath and did remarcably well in the initiative program. She even managed to get out of a forced relationship when she started implying that there was a powerful highblood that was willing to purchase her contract. What she failed to mention was that it was a highblood she was manipulating with her empathy and someone she planned to use as a pawn to live the high and easy life. She had almost bonded herself to her prey when he suddenly realized what was being done to him and had Ammolite permanently sterilized to remove the bond and rip her empathy away in the process.

Without her empathy, Ammolite was useless to everyone including the initiative. Her sister, Beryl, tried to teach her the art of dna scrubbing and breeding the animals the darnathi use as servants and tools, but unlike Beryl, Ammolite hated animals. Still, the idea of taking care of creatures planted a seed in Beryl’s mind that later grew into what she thought would be her next path to the easy life.

She adopted an initiative child and happily lived off of the stipend and free housing that came with being willing to raise a high level empath. Although she lacked empathy herself, she remembered her training and was able to teach the tadpole the basics of control and the first levels of empath conditioning to prepare him for the eventual golden cage.

All of that came crashing down when her adopted child grew deathly ill. She tried medicating the young empath herself but his condition only worsened and to save his life she reluctantly took him to a doctor. When the doctor scolded her on her ill treatment she took matters into her own hands and forced the child to draw energy from her to heal himself. It worked, but almost cost Ammolite her life.

To save face (and avoid arrest for almost killing an initiative tadpole) Ammolte paid for her child’s tuition and utterly disowned him. She lived off of her savings for as long as she could, but when she realized that there was no other place that would take her for work on the planet after two black marks to her name. The reluctantly took her sister’s offer to come to one of the darnathi colonies and start a new life. Unfortunately that new life included living near the tadpole she almost killed, a young darnathi named Garret Silver.