Isla Aukate
Ali'i (left) after being seen at Aukate Medical by Flicker (right)
Ali'i (left) after being seen at Aukate Medical by Flicker (right)

Ali’i, often called “Lee” by his friends, is the son of Aileeron’s sister, Rei. Rei had fallen in love with a non-white lion instead of the man her father arranged for her to marry. They were to be married in secret until one day he simply never came home. When Rei confronted her father on his disappearance he made no airs at all of hiding the fact that he had arranged for his death and left strong words that made it clear to Rei that if she didn’t do as she was told, she’d vanish too. Not soon after that, Rei realized she was pregnant.

She gave birth to Ali’i on Aperia and kept hidden as best as she could, sometimes dying her fur and wearing wigs and oils to mask her scent. She moved a great deal and for almost a decade she and her son never stayed in the same place for too long. But while working odd jobs on January, Ali’i became ill and Rei couldn’t afford his treatment. It was then she reached out to her brother, Aileeron, and asked him for help.

Aileeron arranged for the mother and son to come to Aukate and live under the Overlord’s protection. Ali’i was treated and soon thrived at the lair. Rei finally had a stable job, a good home, and money to help her raise her child.

Ali’i is a shy boy due to being taught to be paranoid around anyone who might remotely look like one of D.K.’s agents, but he is slowly coming out of his shell on Aukate and learning to make friends. In particular a young Pegasus named Rain has taken it upon herself to help Ali’i out.