Isla Aukate


Gintasa (right) bringing refreshments for Alex (left) and Max (left, shoulder)

Alex was always something of a prodigy.  Before she even left the tadpole pools she was taking apart the water filter machinery and putting it back together.  Although born with weak empathic ability, she was frighteningly intelligent and was quickly enrolled in a technical university at the unthinkable age (for a darnathi) of thirty.  She trained in everything she could get her hands on and multiple times was offered teaching positions at the academy.  She declined each time as her aim was simply learning all there was to learn about fixing and building any type of machinery be it simple or complicated as she could manage.  She studied for almost a century at any university and school where there was something new for her to learn.  And when there was nothing anyone else could teach her she joined the colonization initiative in the hopes of learning something new beyond Alvarni.

Titan himself requested her for his ship, deciding that as a highblood it was his right to have the best and Alexandrite was most assuredly the best.  While on the ship she soon made friends with a mixed blooded darnathi named Nephrite and the two found they were good counterpoints for one another as Nephrite was a talented chemist with skills in biology.  It was through their combined knowledge that Maxfield experimented with copying memories, personality traits, and brainwaves onto a Sirenidae personality chip and potentially making copies of specific people and putting them in blank sirenidae bodies.  Max had no idea that, thanks to Timber’s botched attempt to murder Alex, he would be his own first test subject for the sirenidae experiment.

Alex knows deep down that the sirenidae she is close to is not the real Maxfield, and that the real Maxfield died in their field lab and his body is in stasis on Titan’s ship.  But Alex is happy to have a piece of her lover with her, even if that piece is now a fluffy snakerat.  She hopes perhaps that one day they can put their minds together again and somehow give Nephrite a real body some day.